"what, where, why...?"

The Col de Pouthet ( the "Pouthet Hill" ) is a smallholding project to be found in one of the beautiful rural corners of South West France – Eymet en Périgord. With just under 10 hectares of pasture and mixed woodland on our home site, together with around 3 hectares of vineyards in neighbouring villages, we aim to farm the land using a combination of agroforestry, organic and permaculture methods, mixed with a sprinkling of "Bodgers' spirit" !

Not just a farm, the Col de Pouthet is also a place for sharing knowledge. A guided nature walk in the woodlands and our forest school workshop area make the ideal place to learn about a myriad of subjects covering nature, arts and countryside crafts and skills.


With around 7 hectares of mixed woodland – oak, hornbeam, ash, poplar, pine – the "Col de Pouthet" is not just a site of rich ecological diversity but one that lends itself to our agroforestry project of creating a « forest garden » ecosystem, where the beauty and diversity of a natural woodland is combined in a beneficial way with the planting and production of a wide variety of edible or useful plants.


Centred on a south facing pasture where a small mixed orchard is being planted, the garden project is being voluntarily spread out into the woodlands and vineyards. With the planting of mainly perennial fruits and vegetables we aim to benefit from the shade, balance and protection of the forest environment, and to reintroduce the maximum of biodiversity into the production of our wines.


  Our current “Clos Dalmain” wine production covers just under 3 hectares, on three different sites within a 7.5 kms radius from the « Col de Pouthet ». As they say « small is beautiful », but we are also fortunate to be able to combine that with the « natural wisdom » inherited with age, with the majority of our vines past the 60 years young stage, with some going back to 1902 !


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